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Annual Rally - 2019

2019 Rally - Thursday July 18- Sunday July 21 - Up...
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Rally Registration UPDATE

Today we have 150 signed up for the Rally. That's 50% above last year. Based on last year's attendance (205 total) we may reach 300 riders this year.

Those numbers will put a strain on the Club's logistics, the Fairgrounds, and the Caterer who's preparing dinner Friday and Saturday.

I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO SIGN UP NOW so you're assured of meals.

We may cap attendance at 300 riders, if you delay you might not be able to get in the gate.
Here's an update on the Rally. Photos show the Rally Program as of June 5th. Changes may be made as things develop.

Clarification on the Rally Dates: 

The Rally site is open on Thursday July 18.  You can arrive anytime Thursday and set up camp.  

If you show up before Thursday you will be required to pay the Fairgrounds for camping.  $30 for an RV, $15 for a tent.

Scheduled events don't really start until Friday July 19.

The logistics for the Rally are coming together nicely.

Attached are PRELIMINARY copies of the seminars we've put together, and a draft copy of the Rally booklet. Expect changes when we go to press.

The main riding theme this year will be SCAVENGER HUNTS. We'll have one for the street riders, and one for the ADV/dirt riders. Each rider will receive a "passport". Riders need at least 5 stamps to qualify for major door prizes. To get a stamp the rider must visit checkpoints scattered around the area. Regular door prizes will also be awarded.

This year's street ride will be a BBQ Beef Luncheon, held at Pine Stump Farms near Omak. It's on FRIDAY - FRIDAY - FRIDAY. Pre-registration is required, you can do that on the Registration page. Riders who are en-route to the Rally can meet at the Farm and enjoy a meal, then ride with the group to Republic.
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