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Keep in mind, at this price you will pay for it in 4 pair of tires changed out that you buy on the web. You will make new friends, and life will be all sunshine. beech
I have a Coats 220 manual tire changer for sale. It includes a NoMar cam action rim clamp with frame to mount on coats machine. This item is no longer listed at the NoMar site and is a good item. I think it bit into their machine sales. Also a bunch of bead clamps and shields for mount bars. This works good on all bikes except it is difficult on the hard GS tires sold these days. Replacement of the stuff is $2000. Total package for sale at $900. beech (1 360 391-4587). Local pick up in Mount Vernon only, too much stuff to mail.
Don't let this fool you, I still change tires but with the power tire changer. Time to get rid of those worn out Summer tires and some good new Winter weather units on that bike.

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