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Just had new shoes fitted for the R1100S and the R1150 GS at Beecher's shop. Best deal out there for Club members. Check those tires now- they're all that separates you from the ground!
Another year gone by. The post below concerning tire changing still applies. Time to think about new tires. I have the same email address as listed and a good place to start for a detailed conversation. beech
+1. A visit to Beecher in Mt Vernon is always pleasant, and my bikes always come away better than they went it.
What Beech doesn't say is that the visit to his little home machine shop is well worth doing, even without the tire change service. Or that while there you can inspect the products of the Mount Vernon Cannon Works (and perhaps like me end up as the owner of one of the coolest black powder cannons ever). Or that while your bike is up getting new shoes, you can take advantage of Beech's lift to do a stand-up oil change. OR that Beech is the most thorough and careful Mech EVER, and does a beautiful job re-shoeing your ride.

Getting a tire-change at Beecher's is one of the best things about this Club! THANK YOU for all you do for our membership, Beech!!

Don Hutchins
Editor - The Shaft
Well here is is three years later, it is mid Summer. I still do tires. I'm posting this to share with new members especially. I live in Mount Vernon, have a Coats power tire changer, motorcycle lift, needed machinery and change mainly BMW tires. Special arrangements for others can be made. I don't do gold wing or harley tires unless the wheels are brought in. I normally have you purchase the tires on the internet, have them shipped to me directly and when here we work out a day to do the work. I remove the wheels, change the tires, balance them and re install. Tubeless tires are $40. for this. If you bring in the wheels it is $10 each for tubeless or $15 for tube type (on the bike tube type brings it up to $50.). In general this will save you over $200 from having the dealer do it. Plus you get a ride to Mount Vernon which has numerous good Mexican cafes. We will also look over your bike a little. And If you want a computer scan for faults and reset your service code. you can contact me at snipesb(at)
It sure made short work of my Heidenaus. Highly recommended!
The new tire machine works well, after 4 months of check out. Much easier to use and easier on the wheels/tires. I do both wheels on the bike for 40$, bring a wheel with a new tire and it is 10 bucks. Ship the tires to me when you order them so you don't have to put them on the back of the bike. Let me know your doing this. Other maintenance can be combined like oil changes for modest fees. Larger maintenance jobs can be discussed. Of course I always recommend Valentines (Mark) at 38th and Aurora.
Change your rubber tire valves at least every 3 years. I have some ones sourced from Europe if needed.
<>  1 360 391.4587
Rain is coming, I know bummer. Time to plan on moving from those worn tires to something with fresh tread for the Winter conditions. You guys with GS bikes, take a look at the soon to be out TC 70's. Although I know folks putting on Michelin GTP4's for the rain.
Had a set of P3's to take off yesterday from a K1200RS, a heavy bike. The front tire was worn flat on top, steep on the sides, looked like a trapezoid. Steered like a trapezoid. Same with P2's. I hope the 4's are better. I still like Metzler Z8's. But what do I know. The Michelin's are suppose to be good in the rain and it is Seattle.
Saw an inside the carcass tire patch the other day. A good job as you have to deal with the texture inside there. I think that might be a tire lifetime repair as opposed to the push through stuff to get you home. I'm looking into it. We are talking money for tires these days, so if you can save one I'm in.
Been having fun with the new tire machine. Several club members and others have come through the shop for tires. Two sets of Heidenau K60's have shown up, one of the more difficult tires to deal with. So all goes well and ready for more action as you guys wear out your tires. Claude came by with the need for 14" tires on his scooter. Turned out to be as tricky as anything due to the small diameter. Doesn't leave as much to stretch as a larger diameter tire. But he is scooting to the rally on fresh tires. I have heard plenty about the satisfaction with the Michelin P4's. I also like the Metzler Z8's both for RT's and K bikes. I don't particularly recommend over buying tires. The heavy duty GT or "O" tires for two up riding on a K1600 are not really needed if your one up mostly and on an RT. And there is a P4 for GS bikes out there that is a 90/10 tire. I have a set of Tourance Next's just installed on my GS. Much quieter than the Anake 3's, (which you can not find in the new water cool GS sizes). My information tells me that is works okay to put the old GS profile tires on the new 2013/4 GS bikes if you want to. I have not tired it yet but the Rawhide school folks have used many sets of their new dirt tire on their bikes and it is the old profile. Sava MC60's. Looks like a great tire. If your riding a K12/13S can't go wrong with a Metzler M5 or Z8, but there are many performance tires from Pirelli and others.
Jay was over this morning on his beautiful Black RT. We change his tires to the new PR4's. I think I will use them for winter tires on my K bike, they look good. The new tire machine worked like a champ. I have practiced on a dented rim supplied by Al Butler and a dead but good tire from my pile. Put a couple of hours taking off and replacing that tire. Learned plenty.
While doing the work I noticed Jay looking over the new power tire changer and fingering the business end of it. ( he noticed the plastic shield on the "duck head". Later he mentioned that a friend who helped him in the past with good intentions managed to scratch wheels sometimes. Well we know stuff happens. But I along with everyone else wants purity of wheels. I try my best to use equipment and techniques to not harm the rims. I don't think it is good to be abusive, and so I go slow to prevent it. Anyway all went good and with much less physical force as used on the manual machine. The new tires coming out are really tough and hard to deal with sometimes, some brands more than others ...the new machine is great and works fantastic. For those who are thinking about Michelin PR4's, they come in two flavors, regular and stiff, the GT version is stiff. It is for the K1600 and other bike that ride two up a lot. If your a solo rider pass it by. You will have a great tire and good road feel with the normal tire. If you bring up a wheel, no bike it is only ten bucks for me to change and balance the wheel I'll recycle your old tire. Bring the bike and I'll remove the wheels, change the tires, balance, re install and look over your bike as long as you have patience for $40. Includes my expenses (wheel weights, recycle, lube, machinery etc.) I thought long and hard but I have had to raise my price with the new equipment and changing times, supplies keep going up too. I'll re direct you to the best tacos you have ever eaten if you need food. Mount Vernon has the benefit of a large Latino population and the food is great.
If you or a friend has a bike other than a BMW, I admit I know little about them but if the wheel and a tire is brought to my place I will install it and balance it for $10. Of course it has to be proper new tire and rim in good condition. (tube tires are 20 bucks!!!)
Great news, Beech. You are a gentleman and a scholar as well as a top-dog Cannon Maker! Next time Helga needs new shoes I believe she'll pay you a visit. :-)

Don Hutchins
Editor - The Shaft
Beecher, great to hear!
Okay, I spent some money, bought a Coats power tire machine and am back in business of helping with tire changes and look over of the bikes while doing the work. No tube tires, only GS, RT, KxxxRS, New K bikes and any other tubless beemer bikes. You order the tires. Work with me to inspect to your satisfaction that your wheels and tires are in good condition and I will remove, change tires, ballance and look over your bike. If arrangements are made you can have your WEB tires shipped to me so you will not have to lash them on your bike to get to my place in Mount Vernon. New fee is $40 for both tires, I take the wheels off the bike. $10 if you bring in a wheel and tire. Don't ask how much the new tire machine cost. It will be years to pay it off. Keep in mind every effort will be made to not hurt your rims and it won't happen. But, on the rare occasion you have to know I am not responsible. It has never happened in 15 years and I am super careful. Rims that have dints or tires that are not new.... don't ask. Of course I'll show you how to do your own minor maintenance or I will do that kind of work for minimal fee. Averages out to about $35 an hour plus parts. I like doing rear main Oring & seals on K1200RS bikes. A great way to spend a week in the shop.
If you really can't find someone to help you with your tube type tires ..well maybe we can make it work but those things are twice as hard as tubeless and you need to know that. Also if it is more than three years, you need new valve stems if you bike uses the rubber type. I can reset your computer for service and look at faults, that is $10.
You don't want to deal with Mount Vernon Logistics, go to Valantines on Aurora, Mark is great and close. I don't think he will do tires this cheap though. Shop fees are 80 bucks an hour last I checked, and that is a good deal because the flat rate book is out the window, only hours worked.
It has become apparent to me than I can no longer offer this service of tire changing. Tires have changed over the years and I and my manual machine can not accomplish the task any longer. Regretfully, beech
Dan or any bmw rider, contact me via my email if you need to do tires. We can work out details
Beecher, good to know. As a new guy, I appreciate your post. Next set of tires, I'll likely be up!
You know, I still change tires for folks.Ride your bike here, I pull the wheels, change the tires and balance. New rubber valve stems are good I have some Wunderlich 15mm ones but best to pick some up at the dealer. Change your valves at least every two or three years. BMW's only, no chain drive, only K bikes and R bikes. $20 to cover my consumables and machinery. You bring your tires that you bought cheap on the internet. If you email me and we talk you can have them shipped to my house rather that shop them here. beech Mount Vernon
We will also go over a lot of your bike for little problems. If you want your service reminder moved and faults read it is 10 bucks to help with the machinery that does that.
At present I can not do tube tires, extra stiff GS tires like the Heidenau series and the like. I will possibly be purchasing a power machine and that will change. 
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